Feral Cats

What is a feral cat?

What can be done about all the feral cats living in Athens County?

Athens County has areas with large numbers of cats living outdoors. Many of these cats are fearful of people. AlleyCat Allies is an organization that focuses on the issue of feral cat colonies. Visit their Web site to learn more about feral cat colonies and how to deal with them.

One of the most effective ways to deal with feral cat colonies is trap-neuter-return. Click here to learn more!

If feral cats (or your neighbor’s free-roaming cats) are a problem, try these tips:

  • Keep sandboxes and other play areas covered so cats can’t use it as a litterbox.
  • Lay chicken wire on top of your garden soil. Cats hate walking on it! Use wire snips to create holes large enough to plant in. (Click here for lots of other great humane tips for keeping cats out of your yard and garden.)
  • Check garden supply and pet stores for motion-activated devices that use water, air, or sound to chase away critters or all kinds.

Feral Cat Winter Safety: How You Can Help

Feral cats live outside year round and have to endure all types of temperature extremes and precipitation. If you have a feral cat in your neighborhood, there are a number of things you can do to help them beat the cold. Some basic steps include offering a safe and secure outdoor structure, leaving extra food outside, and regularly providing fresh water. For details about these efforts and others, click here.