Re-homing Your Pet

Currently there is a waiting list to get any cats into our adoption program. Be advised that space in the adoption program is limited, as it is run by volunteers who have full-time jobs. A donation is requested to assist with vet care to prepare the pet for adoption. Donation amounts vary case by case. If you would like to enroll a cat in our adoption program, download and complete our Cat Intake Form, then e-mail it to ACHS will ensure that your cat is placed in a great home. All adopters must fill out an adoption application and they are screened to make sure it is a good fit for the family and for the cat.

If you want to re-home your pet yourself, has great tips for choosing a responsible is another great resource, with a sample adoption contract and phone interview sheet to screen adopters.

PLEASE do not advertise your pet as “free to good home”! People called “bunchers” often collect these pets and resell them for laboratory research. Yes, this is happening in the Athens area! Click here to learn more about bunching and the dangers of “free” pets.

Are you looking for a new home because of problems with your pet? Click here to read about some common behavioral problems and how they can be overcome. Also, visit our Caring for Your Pet page to watch videos on training issues.

Have you found a dog or cat that was wandering loose? Our Lost and Found page has tips on reuniting pets with their owners.