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Position Openings


(Humane Agent will serve as an at-will employee of the ACHS Board of Directors)

PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: The Humane Agent is specially commissioned under ORC Sec. 1717.06 to investigate and enforce cases of criminal activity concerning the welfare of animals. Animal Cruelty Investigators also provide Humane Education to the public. This position requires agents to investigate all complaints received by the Athens County Humane Society (ACHS) regarding the wellbeing of a wide range of animals. The Humane Agent will enforce the laws for protecting animals or preventing acts of cruelty in Athens County by working closely with local law enforcement officials.


  • Investigates complaints and concerns for animal welfare regarding abuse, neglect, and abandonment in accordance with applicable law and organizational policies.

  • Provide education and helpful resources to animal owners

  • Respond to emergencies and transports injured, sick and aggressive animals.

  • Proactively develop and maintain good working relationships with other animal welfare organizations, law enforcement agencies and the public.

  • Document investigations in a concise and detailed manner as necessary for prosecution.

  • Provide truthful testimony and always be a fair and impartial witness.

  • Maintain a high level of communication and work collaboratively with local law enforcement, ACHS staff, volunteers, and board members.

  • Educate the community about humane animal care, animal welfare issues and the activities of the organization

  • Seek opportunities to promote the organization and humane education concepts at community events and in the media.


  • Eligible to be sworn as a humane officer per ORC 1717.06

  • Ability to successfully complete all training courses mandated by state law and ACHS.

  • Must be able to read and write at the levels necessary to perform the job.

  • Must have a valid driver's license with driving privileges in the State of Ohio.

  • Enforce applicable state and federal law as relating to animal welfare.

  • Process criminal investigation cases as required for prosecution.

  • Process daily caseload, including all related paperwork, in an orderly and timely manner.

  • Communicate effectively and professionally, both orally and written, with the public, staff, and agency volunteers.

  • Show maturity and good judgment; perform the job in a professional manner and work efficiently under pressure.

  • Understand and carryout oral and written instructions.

  • Must be willing to work irregular hours


  • Ability to communicate effectively with individuals from various socio-economic backgrounds.

  • Ability to communicate in a tactful manner with individuals who may be hostile, uncooperative and/or be dealing with mental health issues.

  • Must be able to manage the emotional demands of working with animals who have been abused/neglected or abandoned.

  • Physical ability to work outside in all weather conditions and be able to climb under or over obstacles to get to animals in need of help.

  • Must be ready to safely handle frightened, injured, or aggressive animals.

Competitive hourly pay will be based on experience; position is 20+ hours a week

Please send your resume and any questions to –

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