ACHS Staff


Angela Marx, Executive Director

Angela has worked for non-profit organizations for over 20 years and has volunteered with animal rescue groups for almost as long. Her passion is working on implementing programs that prevent the homelessness of cats and dogs in our area. She is critical in coordinating our foster and adoption programs and works hard to increase the capacity and growth of our spay/neuter clinics. 

Athens County Humane Society Board Members (listed alphabetically)

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Paul Benedict, President

Paul has been a board member since 2017 and board president since 2018. Ironically, Paul is allergic to cats, but from time to time, some snuggles from a friends’ kitty are worth itchy eyes and a runny nose. Paul and his family (wife and 2 kids) are proud dog parents to Thunder, Lucy, and Maggie. They want more dogs. Two kids are plenty, thanks! Paul’s day job is an entrepreneurship professor at Ohio University and director of its Center for Entrepreneurship.

Jamie Lambert, Secretary

Jamie is an Associate Professor of Instruction of Marketing at Ohio University. She has served as an Athens County Humane Society board member for over ten years. In addition, she also serves as the Secretary of the board. Her love of animals started at an early age with her first dog, cat, and horse. She has passed that love on to her two young children. Jamie hopes to continue being able to give back to the Athens County community, while helping its animals, for many years.

Heather McDowell

Heather has been an ACHS board member since 2015.  Passionate about animal welfare, she has been adopting, rescuing, and advocating for homeless pets for decades.  Thankful to have a supportive family, Heather has been able to give a forever home to many animals over the years.  Professionally Heather has worked with kids in Athens county for some time and is currently the children's librarian at The Plains Public Library.  

Luke McElfresh, Treasurer

Luke joined the ACHS board in 2018, previously serving as Volunteer Coordinator and currently holding the position of Treasurer.  Thankful to be part of such a great organization, he values the positive impact that is made in the lives of so many animals and their owners.  Professionally, Luke is an Associate Professor of Instruction within the Finance department at Ohio University.  In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife, two kids, and their three dogs.

Patrick McGee

Patrick recently joined the Humane Society Board after having retired as the Managing Attorney for the Center for Student Legal Services. He had been active with the Athens County Humane Society and the Cat Shelter around 1980 after having moved back to Athens from Moorhead, Kentucky, where he raised goats and horses on a small farm. He is well known in Athens as an eccentric musician who plays harp and bagpipes and received the “volunteer of the year” award this year, from the Last Chance Corral, which rescues orphaned foals. Patrick has always had a deep love of animals, and currently spends a lot of his spare time trying to teach his cats to appreciate his fiddle playing.

Karen McGuire

Karen, originally from Michigan, has lived in Athens since 1995, managing the Import House all these years. She and her family live with their four furry companions, two cat and two dogs. Karen loves to get outside for hiking, gardening, or lounging in their pool. Jigsaw puzzles and trying new recipes are other favorite pastimes. She's been a loyal and vital member of the ACHS board since early 2012.Her primary focus has been with the cat adoption program.

Jennifer Michaels

Jennifer has volunteered with ACHS for many years and has served on the board since 2014. She is an animal lover and enjoys a good book with her three cats by her side. After years of volunteering with the intake to foster and adoption program, Jennifer is now focusing on fundraising and animal advocacy. 


Karen Wright

Karen is retired from a long career in health care management. She and her husband, Scott, have what they call a “hobby farm” outside Athens.  Karen’s avocation is serving the Athens County Humane Society in whatever capacity that is most helpful. Karen is also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.